TRUE STORY – Judge puts blame on dead 14-year old rape victim

A judge blamed a 14-year old rape victim, saying she looked older than her age, for being “as much in control of the situation” as her 47-year old rapist. He then proceeded to sentence the rapist to 30 DAYS in jail, rather than 15 years.

 Two years earlier, the victim had killed herself because of the shame and ostracism the situation created in her community, a fact the judge knew and considered before the sentence.  The judge is still ruling on cases to this day.  The judge noted this was not a violent rape which involved the rapist beating up the child.

This event recently happened in New Dehli, India, and it was almost identical to several situations in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It’s about time the US stepped in and taught these God-forsaken cesspools of humanity how a “Christian nation” administers real justice for women.  We in America wouldn’t tolerate such outrageous conduct by a judge, nor would we condone the rape of a 14-year old girl because it was her fault.

Actually, what you have just read is only partially true. The story itself is true.

Where it happened may shock you.  It happened in the good ol’ U. S. of A., namely in Montana.  (Regrettably, the judge was educated in Texas.) See the story for yourself.

Lately, I have seen a lot of justifiable upset with archaic, barbaric treatment of women abroad.  Tolerance of such outrageous conduct is blamed on non-Christian religions and non-American cultures, but I see no moral superiority in our supposedly “Christian” nation which allows this judge to continue his “service”. How can this situation exist in a rational, civilized, modern, Western, “Christian” environment and not be rectified by banning this judge from hearing cases?  Public confidence in law and the judiciary demands prompt change.

We Americans routinely call Muslims and Indians backwards and primitive for this kind of behavior. Are we truly better? We tolerate injustice regularly, and we turn a blind eye to the daily outrages occurring throughout our country, such as acts committed by government officials following their own agendas or morally bankrupt official policies, and police brutalizing and killing our own people.

Recently, police in Corpus Christi, Texas, brutalized a compliant, flat-on-his-back, calm, motionless, handcuffed murder suspect.  Despite surrendering, laying down his weapon, placing himself on the ground and doing everything he was told, his face was repeatedly kicked and his head kneed.  A cop even had the audacity of accusing him of resisting.  When he was dragged toward the police car, his head, defenseless, was smashed into the front of the squad car.  Watch the video.

Many social media comments demonstrate not only approval, but happiness over his treatment, that he deserved no better, that he was not human, that he was lucky it wasn’t worse.  How many of those who commented would be thrilled to throw the first stone?

News of the suspect, who was a long-time sufferer of mental illness, hanging himself in his jail cell was met with similar disdainful diatribes about how great and fabulous it was. How are those attitudes any better than those we routinely find outrageous?  The vast majority of the commenters are presumptively Christian, a religion of “peace” and “love”.

We need to look in the mirror as a society. We need to see what is wrong with us and be unwilling to tolerate inhumanity and abuse, especially when committed by those in authority.

In my opinion, the judge in question should have at least enough decency to resign, but that would be too much to expect from someone with the attitudes and beliefs he apparently has.  He doesn’t understand how backwards and primitive he is.  Other authorities must step in and do what’s right, or they have no greater claim to justice or good government than the judge.

What was the official response by the Montana Supreme Court? The Court publicly criticized the offending judge and suspended him for 31 days more than 18 months after his misconduct, many of which will be during holidays and during which he will likely take vacation.  The high court also ordered the rapist to be re-sentenced by a different judge. See link.

I am thoroughly in support of judges doing extremely unpopular things when doing the right thing requires it.  Sometimes, judges must release people they know to be violent criminals, but laws may prevent punishment.  However, this is an example of a judge who has no business being a judge, wielding the awesome power of government.

It’s a bigger issue than this one case. It’s time we owned up to our own shortcomings and started acting rationally and in accordance to what we say we believe and who we say we are.


About Phillip W. Goff

I'm Phillip Goff, and I've been an attorney for over 20 years in South Texas. I'm passionate and dedicated to serving client's interests and promoting freedom.
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