Yes, Fighting Back Against Rogue Cops is Legal In Texas

Authorities routinely sweep excessive force by police under the rug and slap the wrists of rogue cops.  Inexcusable brutality is frequently ignored and officially supported.  Blatant disregard for people’s rights and safety by police themselves have fostered a deteriorating hierarchy of societal structure.

Internet exposure of routine abuse committed by police throughout the United States has removed the shroud which has hidden the bullying epidemic of violence for scores of years.  The discussion is no longer whether there is a serious problem with police brutality; the proof is overwhelming.

A growing trend of people, especially young males, have become openly hostile and disrespectful of police.  Contempt for police is growing by the day.  I believe much of the distrust is due to frequent acts of unnecessary violence by police, which as been steeped into the common experience of many young people.

While I don’t consider myself an anarchist, I see the potential for a justifiable civil disturbance by a substantial minority, including not backing down from physical confrontations with police.

Those who feel most marginalized, the least protected under law, and the most victimized by police are most likely to be in the group which I believe will soon begin to offer actual violent resistance against police.

This development is regretful because we wish police universally behaved or, at the very least, policed themselves.  Nonetheless, when police on the street themselves refuse to follow law, all respect for law is reduced, and the rule of law effectively becomes a farce.

When police supervisors, administrators, and elected politicians holding authority over police condone misbehavior and excessive violence by police, respect for law and all governmental authority quite reasonably diminishes.

Growing animosity and unrest over police use of excessive force is percolating and may soon reach a boil in some areas.

The irony is the Texas Legislature has in place a statute which allows individuals to physically defend themselves from violently overzealous police officers.  In fact, Texas law even authorizes the use of deadly force against others in defense of self and of others.  Police are not exempted from this provision.*

The trend of increasingly, unnecessarily violent police acts may spawn cases which test the boundaries and definitions of how far a private citizen may go to protect himself against the very law enforcement officers who supposedly are employed to “protect” the private citizen.
Look for an increase in arrests for criminal offenses like “Resisting Arrest” and “Assault on a Public Servant” over the next few years; those two charges have been some of the flimsiest charges I have seen since I became a lawyer, and those charges seem to be favorites of cops who are most likely to abuse those they arrest.

I look forward to defending clients who find themselves forced to defend themselves against those who are supposed to protect us.

*Texas Penal Code, Sections 9.31, 9.32, & 9.33.


About Phillip W. Goff

I'm Phillip Goff, and I've been an attorney for over 20 years in South Texas. I'm passionate and dedicated to serving client's interests and promoting freedom.
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