Good Cops and Good Prosecutors

So far on this blog, I’ve pointed out some awful behavior by cops and prosecutors.  However, there is more to the story.  Most cops and prosecutors don’t fall into the category of “bad”.

I’ve been a lawyer almost 20 years, and I’ve dealt with many prosecutors while representing defendants.  My personal experience with those prosecutors has been almost entirely the opposite of the miscreants I’ve discussed as bad examples.  The vast majority of prosecutors I’ve encountered have been conscientious, honest, and try to do the job in the manner they should.

My upset with prosecutors who abuse or otherwise misuse the governmental power they wield should not be thought of as an accusation against all prosecutors.

The same consideration applies to cops I have personally encountered.  I know my encounters are not typical, compared to the general population.  Regardless, whenever you read of my disgust with police misconduct, it shouldn’t be taken as an accusation all cops are guilty by association.  

By way of example, I had a personal encounter with a police officer last night, and he conducted himself in a genial, respectful manner.  He was investigating what appeared to be a shoplifting ring operating in the area, and one of his leads pointed in the direction of an innocent person.  He did his job in bitter cold and darkness, likely knowing he wouldn’t find anything useful to solve the crime.  Nonetheless, the lead had to be investigated, and it gave him the opportunity to return a small stolen item, a license plate.  He did nothing heavy-handed or unnecessary.  He just did his job.  Kudos to him.  By the way, his name is Stanley R. Kauffman.


About Phillip W. Goff

I'm Phillip Goff, and I've been an attorney for over 20 years in South Texas. I'm passionate and dedicated to serving client's interests and promoting freedom.
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